What is all about www.CloudWebStats.Com ?

When you find a good website what you think first??

How much this website worth is?? How many google back link, what about yahoo back link, what else search engine?? how many daily website visitor are in this site? or Month ? oh yea, keyword !! which keyword this site using and its get so high ranking?? How much website daily income ? what could be ranking? many question may be in your mind.

Yes, CloudWebStats.Com is a free service that lets you see your data like never before! one of outstanding web analysis tools on the internet today. You can use it for FREE. More than website value calculation, CloudWebStats contains a collection of useful features such as checking how much a website worth is? how many your competitor daily unique visitor and worth is?? Google Page Rank (PR), Alexa Traffic Rank, Backlinks Checker, Server IP and Location on Google Map and more. This data is gathered from various sources in real-time. A unique feature we offer is being able to give an estimate of how much a certain website is worth and daily visitors. We use an advanced algorithm to calculate this data. Of course it will never be perfectly accurate, but at least you get a general idea.

You can use it for various purposes include doing research before buying or selling domain; want to find out how popular the domain is; use it as SEO analysis tool to improve your site performance; or just about curiosity.

How does it CloudWebStats work?

The tool is very easy to use, simple way like...

Enter URL into calculation box, top at right hand side(e.g. www.google.com)

Press Enter on keyboard or Click on Lookup button.

That is it, you will get report within 60 seconds for new site. (It may take to over 10 seconds for old site that has indexed in our Database)

How accurate it is?

CloudWebStats.Com provides approximately web site value calculation, daily web page view and your website daily ads revenue. The calculation based on various factors, the most important two are alexa traffic level and Google backlink, yahoo backlink, and google PR. It is an estimated value and not the exact value. But it does give you a good look on how much the site worth is, with daily pageview and ads revenue.

On the other hand, the tool does provide more accurate stats such as Alexa Traffic Rank, Google PR, Server IP and Location, Website age and more. Those data are gathered from credited sources.

Update Data button (what it is all about?)

Update Data button is used for updating data on the page. When you click on this button, it will start gathering all needed information in real time and may take some time to finish the process (upto 60 seconds or more). Then it will display up-to-date information. As base on google, yahoo and alexa we have arrange you to update data in every 24 hrs. Its mean you can see how much such site getting progress in search engine, daily visitor, worth and more or getting up or down..!!

The button is located just below website estimated value box. It will be displayed only when the information is older than 24 hrs.

Why I see many N/A and 0 value on Specific Page?

When you see many N/A and 0 value on the page, this simply mean that you are the first person that see that page. Updating is required to remove those values and remember you can update data in every 24 hrs. See full report by clicking on Update data button. (The update process may take 60 seconds or more).

In other case domain you are looking up may be new, not in search engine or not in alexa rank, remember we have huge traffic and putting your link on CloudWebStats.Com also carry you out some unique visitor and ofcourse carry backlink as well as alexa traffic rank.

How to Remove My Website from Indexing in CloudWebStats?

If you really want to remove your domain indexing from CloudWebStats.Com, put the following code inside robots.txt in your server root:

User-agent: CloudWebStats
Disallow: /

Remember as we said we have huge traffic and putting your link on CloudWebStats.Com also carry you out some unique visitor and ofcourse carry backlink as well as alexa traffic rank. More information on robots.txt is available here: http://www.robotstxt.org.

If you have more FAQ's simply fill the form at contact us page and we will get you soon as possible.

Twitted every time

Remember every time when you add new website into our database or update your exiting website from our database index, your site will automatic twits to twitter. we have many friends in twitter and same time many friends can visit your site through the twitter link. you can even follow us in twitter i.e. twitter.com/muhamedra

No result / blocked

If website not getting into CloudWebStats.Com index, mean result page, then probably its blocked because of owner request or containing adult materials. Some of your site's thumbnail images are also blocked because of Adsense violent content in title, description or tags.

Is CloudWebStats.Com offer Bad linking / Unnatural Link !!??

If you are thinking, linking your CloudWebStats.com/example.com is unnatural link and you are being punished by Google Panda / Penguin algorithm. Then, please let it be clear, we REMOVED the link used to point yourdomain.com at 2011, current url is a subdomain or url alias on our site and we have no link pointing from yourdomain.com.CloudWebStats.Com (our content area) to your domain (yourdomain.com).

We are a Software Engineers and SEO groups and we are very aware of that matter, unnecessary linking or unnatural linking will also hurt our ranking and certainly we don't want that. (We receive too many emails saying our website is pointing to yourdomain.com, please read before sending email). Please check google webmaster tools and its guidelines. AND if you really think we are linking to your content, you are more than welcome to use google disavow tool, but before that please read google disavow tool terms, incorrect information can penalize your site more since we do not supply links to any websites.

Update your site as much as you can and increase your website stats. Read more about our Privacy Policy

Recently Analyzed Alexa Pagerank Worth Updated
soft98.ir 2,380 $ 3,710,880.00 3 hours ago
digikala.com 354 $ 24,952,320.00 4 hours ago
247jobsindubai.com N/A $ 8.95 9 hours ago
felezjoyan.com 544,073 $ 1,200.00 12 hours ago
webgozar.com 7,723 $ 1,143,720.00 12 hours ago
labinator.com 2,381,471 $ 240.00 13 hours ago
bellaform.com.mx 17,648,491 $ 8.95 19 hours ago
hdmoviesrack.com N/A $ 8.95 2 days ago
laudius.nl 685,753 $ 960.00 3 days ago
urvapin.com 308,091 $ 16,740.00 3 days ago

Declaimer: The website data like website value, estimated income will never be perfectly accurate. Before investment please use further research and conformation.